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Finally!! Waves enter’s the lofi game!!

Although, the Butch Big Vocals is another good lofi plugin for many things, not just vocals.

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Wow!! With SSL EV2 and now this, Waves is knocking it out of the park lately!

In a lot of the promo videos, this plugin is pushed to extreme effects. But I just used it on a song in a more subtle way. It’s fantastic!

It’s easy & fast to set up… It sounds great… (Is this Waves’s first Spring reverb?)

And hats off to your user interface artist because that ‘cel shaded’ look is really unusual and adds a lot of fun to the experience of using the plugin.

Congratulations on another great release.

Wow, Latest update It’s amazing.

Its bigger sibling Retro-Fi is as if Waves took all the best bits out of their long list of vintage plugins, put them through a blender, and produced something really vibey and… well, as the name says, retro sounding.

Though it does come with the price of a little extra CPU load. Its a serious competitor for XLN’s RC-20 and the newer Unfiltered Audio Lo-Fi-AF. Though all these plugins have their own strengths and unique offerings.

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