CONVERTING BPM To Milliseconds

Ok i understand that you divide 60000 by the BPM To work Out The Milliseconds
But What I Am No Understanding Is Different Time Signatures
Time Signature is 4/4 Tempo 116 Bpm So 60000 Divided By 116 = 517.241 milliseconds Per 1/4 or Crotchet Beat
But HOW does This Work When Time Signature is 6/8 Tempo Bpm 116
Sorry For Being A Bit Thick ,Do I simply half the 1/4 Note into a 1/8
which Would Then Be 258.620 Milliseconds

Believe it or not it works out the same as you’re literally counting how many beats are in one second, so bar/measure count doesn’t really come into it. The answer would still be the same. No need for extra calculations. :wink:

Fantastic Many Thanks Simon


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