CLA compressors not displaying properly in protools

Hey all!

I use logic and protools. I did the auto install for the version 12 of the CLA compressors, and everything displays/functions properly in logic. That being said, in protools my CLA plug-ins display upside down with knobs not in the correct place, etc. Just non functional.

I’ve reinstalled to no avail, but I’m wondering if I may need a legacy version of the compressors since my protools was last updated in 2017. It’s on version 12.8 if that helps, thanks for any input you might have in advance!

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@rhcpfan24 Thank you for joining our forum :slight_smile:
Upside-down GUI is the expected behavior of V12 plug-ins in Pro Tools 12 which is not compatible.

Click the following links for our v12 Supported Hosts.

The solution would be to roll back to v11:

First, uninstall V12 plugins:

  1. Quit any host application.

  2. Launch Waves Central .

  3. In the left-hand side, click on the Settings page.

  4. Under Maintenance, click on the Uninstall drop-down menu and choose to uninstall V12 .

Once uninstalled, Install your plugins in V11 following the steps below:


  1. Quit any host application.

  2. Launch Waves Central V12.

  3. Go to the Install Products page.

  4. Go to the All Products tab.

  5. Make sure to change the View menu to V11 .

  6. Search for the product you wish to install and check-mark it.

  7. Click Install in the summary column.