Chromatic mode for Vocal Bender


I do a lot of live HipHop stuff. Therefore Waves Tune Live and VocalBender are heavily used in SuperRack SG.

But I’m missing a “quantize chromatic” mode instead of sticking to one note. As there’s no ability to control VocalBender via keyboard there are many cases where I cannot do what I need to (but the very same FX is used in production, so the artists ask me to do so).

Best peter


While you can automate the Pitch control as a workaround, it would be better if could quantise to chromatic, or even a scale.

I know they have WavesTune (RT) for these kind of purposes and extensive pitch control and editing I don’t think it would be a bad thing if there was just a little overlap between these plugins. Especially since the pitch tuning from Vocal Bender would sound less refined.

Hello there,

I understand the need for a quantize chromatic mode to provide more flexibility rather than sticking to a single note, especially when you can’t control VocalBender via keyboard. This feature would indeed enhance the ability to replicate the production FX artists are asking for during live performances.