Can you auto-upgrade plugins in a session?

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Is there a way to upgrade Waves plugins in a session without having to manually add the updated plugins and manually transferring all the settings?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Waves v13 & v14
Studio One 6
Mac OS 13.5

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Yes, basically after you installed and activated your new Waves software and licenses using Waves Central, your Studio One Sessions should load exactly as they were saved with previous Waves versions on the session. No need to reload all plugins and presets those are all saved within the sessions file.

The only way you will require to reload everything is if you loaded Waves in an unsupported plugin format to the session i.e. VST instead of VST3 which is the only supported format using Waves in Studio One.

If you have any doubts about the upgrade you can Contact Technical Support and they will gladly guide you through the process or perform it for you in real time over the phone.

Let us know how it went.

Thanks for the reply but I that’s what I wasn’t asking so sorry for the confusion!

Is there a way to auto-swap plugins in a session from v13 to v14 without manually replacing the plugin and manually re-creating the settings?

Does that make sense?

Hi Ben,

Welcome. No such option exists that replaces one version with another.

The only way to load a V14 instead of another version installed will be to follow what I explained in my previous reply.

Hey Ben,

Upgrading Waves plugins within a session can be more convenient with some DAWs. In Studio One 6, you can follow these steps to upgrade Waves plugins while retaining settings:

Close Studio One: Make sure to close Studio One before proceeding with the upgrade.
Backup Session: It’s always a good practice to back up your session before making any changes.
Install Waves v14: Install the Waves v14 plugins on your system if you haven’t already.
Reopen Session: Reopen your Studio One session.
Scan for Plugins: Studio One should automatically scan for new plugins on startup. It should detect the upgraded Waves v14 plugins.
Plugin Mapping: The session might prompt you to map the old v13 plugins to the new v14 ones. This helps to retain settings.
Review Settings: After the plugin mapping, review your settings to ensure they’ve carried over correctly. In most cases, the settings should be maintained, but it’s wise to double-check.
Save Session: Once you’ve confirmed that everything is as expected, save your session.

While this process should generally work smoothly, it’s a good idea to be cautious and test the upgraded session to make sure everything is functioning as intended. Always remember to keep backups of your work, just in case.

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@ansarabbas8273 Thank you, much appreciated!

I didn’t see the prompt to map plugins when I updated but I’ve since uninstall v14 plugins so might try again.

Cheers, Ben