Trigger plugin for superrack/livesound

I would absolutely love it if waves made a plugin similar to trigger 2 from slate. I use trigger 2 to blend a sample with a band I’m doing live sound for. In order to do that I have to use PT at FOH. I’d love to be able to do it all through superrack. Even a plugin that lets you use a Roland trigger to generate a sample playing back would be amazing.


Yeah I’ve often wondered whether Waves could do a similar style plugin myself. They already have a few virtual instruments, they could even supplement this drum replacement plugin idea with a playable instrument as well.

They’d have to do alot of hard work to catch up with the competition, however.

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I’ve wondered why Waves doesn’t put out a version of this. Torque was such a success for many - you would think they would be all over completing the package with drum triggering as well.

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Yeah I agree.

You never know, though, it could be in the works. It would certainly take them quite a while if they want to do a comprehensive tool.

A plugin like the Scheps Omni took a year, so did H-Reverb, or maybe that was 3 years, just to give you perspective.

Mind you, they can be working on more project at once. That’s just the kind of incubation period you would be looking at though.