Anyone know a standalone volume meter program?

Dear Anyone.

Doesn’t have to be Waves, it’s just this is a good forum.

I’m using an el weirdo DAW - don’t ask, it’s what I got right now!! One of the things it doesn’t do so well is tell you sound levels, it gives you the readings BEFORE the sounds hit the plug-ins which means you can be running FAR hotter than you realise!

Does anyone know of a sound meter program, again doesn’t have to be Waves, any freebie would do, that can just stand alone on a screen and show how hot any sounds playing are?

I’m using Windows XP SP 3 with IDT High Definition Audio Codec. I’ve had problems with meters and IDT before - for some reason I don’t understand they don’t pick up on the IDT signal and think there’s nothing playing at all. I really don’t know why on that one, if anyone does, tell me! I say that just so you know what plug-ins to tell me about…

Yours hopefully


Hi @ulrichburke! Welcome to the forum!
I don’t have an answer for you myself - but interested in what the community comes up with!

Let see what other contribute.