Add oversampling to StudioRack

Personally, I think oversampling if often much ado about nothing, but the lack of oversampling gets brought up time and again so my suggestion may be that it may be easier to implement it in StudioRack (sort of like how Metaplugin handles it) and not only could you then oversample your Waves plugins, but you could oversample all the VST3s from other developers too. I think this could be implemented within StudioRack in two ways:

  1. A master oversampling control (which would oversample everything in the chain)
  2. Add oversampling options to the Multiband Split (when master oversampling is off) to oversample just the plugins in the split

Yes, I realize that all of my suggestions lately have been for StudioRack, but now that it hosts VST3’s from other developers within it, I use it in basically every project now and am seeing so much potential not only as a tool for users but a way to promote the Waves ecosystem as well.


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It’s a very interesting proposition because I filed something very similar with Waves Support myself. It was only a few months back too.

I think as you do with point 1. Point 2, however, I didn’t think of. Great idea though.

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