About the NI Maschine and Waves software knob issue!

I hope Native Instruments had spoked to you about the software knob issue that was featured in their Maschine 2.13 update. If not, here is the issue:
When using Maschine I can no longer control any Knobs (Volume, Cutoff and so on) properly with my mouse. When I click on them and try to turn the knobs/buttons they start to stutter and glitch.

When this came out, NI instruments and also users noticed that it’s only happening when you have Waves plugins installed. If you remove Waves plugins then you can use the Maschine 2.13 and later updates properly. NI tells also this:

“We did a fix for supporting BigSur that affected mouse handling and input. While our fix was correct it obviously clashed with how the Wave plugins were implemented. Turned out that their implementation was wrong, but only our fix for BigSur made it show up. So the issue was always there but they were kind of “lucky” that we handled it differently before so it didn’t show up for users. For more info I would suggest to contact Waves support.”

Hope you could tell more about this and if you are working to fix it…

Hmm “Fixed: Maschine knobs no longer glitchy within Pro Tools when Waves plugins are present.”
Is this only for Pro Tools then or is it for Maschine Standalone and Logic AU updates?

There is a known problem with Waves plugins and Machine and Kontrol.

Maschine & Komplete Kontrol: Temporarily, parameter mapping and preset browsing via KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE are not possible on macOS 11 Big Sur, or on macOS 10.15 systems that never had Waves installed on them, as necessary NKS components cannot be installed at this time. We are working to fix this as soon as possible. .


Noticed today that if you are using StudioRack then the Knob glitch issue will come back cause StudioRack is still V12. Have to remove WaveShell 12 to fix the glitch issue. Hope that StudioRack will be updated soon to W13…

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