QUESTION: Abbey Road Studio 3 and MAXIMIZER

Hello all… where does one place the Abbey Road Studio 3 virtual studio plugin in a mastering chain? If one places it before the maximizer it affects the signal into the maximizer. If one places it after the maximizer at the very end of the chain it causes overshoots into digital clipping.

I use several different maximizers depending on the source material I’m mastering. I’m currently simply lowering the output of the maximizer and going from that into the the Studio 3 plugin so that it doesn’t clip. Is there a better way to make this work?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi @VinnieJames,

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Generally, you don’t want the Abbey Road Studio 3 to actually affect the mix (aside of assisting the monitoring stage), so I suggest having it last in line.

As it might indeed add gain, we suggest lowering the output gain to avoid such clipping.

Lastly, make sure to disable the Abbey Road Studio 3 prior to exporting/bouncing the mix, so the effect won’t be present in the final mix.

A little out of the ordinary, but I have used it in conjunction with Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba.
I set up a little session that captures the output pdf the DAW and have it route through ARS3. That way, I don’t have to remember to disable it in my DAW.

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This is the type of approach I had in mind, although I was hoping to use SoundSource. I’m just unclear whether I can use that particular app in a similar manor to Loopback. I really just want a minimal type of app, with minimal demand on the resources.

I’m starting to think it would be great idea if Waves could design a similar type of app themselves.

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Hey Simon, yeah that looks like a great way to play it…

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Oh great. So that does work??

Curiously I wonder if it’s also possible to use it for a QuickTime screen capture of multiple sources?!?

Not sure about SoundSource, but definitely with Audio Hijack.

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