Add analyze feature to WLM Plus

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Please add “Analyse option to WLM Plus”.

I am using the WLM Plus LUFS level plug in more and more to get a feel for a files volume levels while resting my ears. i am using the AudioSuite version of WLM Plus. If you select a file and render, you can get information about level for the whole file. This is faster than realtime. This renders and replaces the file in the window. I almost never want to do this on the first render. I just want the level info. I may not want to process the file at all. Many presets have a 2.00 second handle on them. If you are examining a file that will be used as a resource for a mastered CD, you will prepend and append 2 seconds of dead air. Oops.

If you look at the Avid AudioSuite plugin “Gain”, you will see an “Analyze” option. It would be groovy if the WLM series had that option. It may also be useful on other plugins, such as the PAZ Analyzer.

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