Which RComp flavor is in RChannel?

Hi everyone!

I like compact plugins and that’s why I like RChannel a lot. While RChannel is a well-rounded thing, I’m missing one feature compared to RComp that I’d now like to complement as appropriately as possible with another plugin.

The normal RComp has four flavors made up of behavior (Electro/Opto) and character (Warm/Smooth).However, in the RChannel, which I love to use, I only have the option to choose RComp. However, in the RChannel, I only have the option to choose RComp. The four flavors are not available to set there.

Could someone from Waves or an experienced user please enlighten me and briefly describe here which flavor the RComp in RChannel has?
What other compressor would be a good complement to RChannel with RComp and RVox?

Any help is welcome.

Well in all fairness it does allow you to choose between R-Comp & R-Vox, but your question is well put nonetheless. I personally don’t know, but if I were to hazard a “guess” it would be the default setting you get as R-Comp loads.

The observation being that “usually” there is alot of thought that goes into start up settings, usually selecting the most useful values immediately upon start up. Case in point, the attack and release values of 16 & 160 are consistent with R-Comp at start up. So going by that logic, my guess would, be Electro and Warm, as per R-Comp’s default.

I will restate, though, that it is just a guess. But you could possibly compare them back to back and find out. I’ll be very interested into hearing about your results.

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It’s great that you are sharing the RComp default settings here. I don’t have RComp and don’t want to install plugins for testing as they always bring a lot of overhead. So it’s great to know the default settings now.

Your thought is a plausible one. Following your logic, an Opto Compressor like CLA 2A or RS 124 would then be a good addition to the compressors in RChannel, as the RVox also included should not be an Opto Compressor to my ears either.

Yeah I don’t like installing plugins I don’t plan on buying myself. They seem to leave traces of themselves behind even after deleting. So your system starts to build up with “junk files” after a while.

I’m not sure what compressor RVox is, I would have guessed optical or some sort of “soft-knee” style compression myself, but I really don’t know. I haven’t used it in quite some time so I don’t remember its characteristics. However, the CLA or RS124 also exhibit their own behaviours and sonic characteristics. So they are still bound to compliment whatever RChannel is giving you.

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