Please update/complete the RChannel

Hi - I would love it if the full set of compressor features could be added to the Renaissance Channel, aka RChannel.

The RChannel contains the Renaissance Compressor, or RComp - however, whereas in the actual RComp itself you are given the options of opto/electro, and warm/smooth, these are not included in RChannel. …According to Waves tech support, the ‘RComp’ within RChannel is set to ‘Electro’ and ‘Warm’. I’d like to request that full set of RComp features are added to the compressor within the RChannel, for a (near) future update… I think this would make it a perfect little self-contained channel strip mixing tool.

With its RTA, gate, extensive sidechaining options, transparency and low CPU, the RChannel is really a great little plugin… but this inconsistency / omission makes me hesitate to reach for it.

Many thanks.

The Ren plugins have been around for a very long time. Long time users rely on them to work as expected. So when they eventually fire up a project they were working on 10 or 20 years ago, maybe for remastering purposes, they really need these plugins to work.

The trouble is, nothing breaks that kind of backwards compatibilities as adding new features. That’s why Waves rarely ever addresses things like that.

On the plus side, you could take the seperate component plugins and kind of construct your own channel strip using StudioRack. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but it does afford you opportunities that Channel alone otherwise wouldn’t afford you.

That is a fair point. …tweaks do get added to older plugs though, such as mix and trim knobs. But maybe those are less ‘invasive’ additions.

True about StudioRack, but I’m trying to avoid it… for some reason it fights with my graphic/display setup, and maxes out my CPU… which is a whole other story. (any ideas on this one also welcome).


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