Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer Issue

I’m currently using Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer on my Mix Bus for some saturation. It sounds lovely right now, but there is one issue. Some of the frequencies (mostly high end) are reacting with a stuttering, almost gate-like effect. Like when a gate is doing more than it needs to, causing the audio to get a bit fizzled out. Has anyone had this problem before or something similar? It basically started from me using the Vitamin “Mastering 4” preset on my Mix Bus. If I could just remove this stuttering problem then everything would be perfect, because that preset is doing exactly what I need it to do for my mix. What can I do to help this problem? Please help!

Hi @astokes.biz,

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It is a bit harder to diagnose issues as you bring up just from reading the description, but I’m guessing this might be related to your session being a bit overloaded/CPU heavy.

You can try and raise your I/O buffer size to a higher value such as 1024 this should give you a bit more headroom to push processes.

Additionally, I can suggest bouncing your groups or mixdown, creating a clean empty session, and starting mastering there, you will have much more room to add plugins and process rather than a finished session where everything is already loaded with plugins which can lead to various artificial noises such as you described.

Hopefully, this sets you in the right direction toward a solution, in case not, please Contact Technical Support directly and they will gladly help out.

Try setting the Punch control to minimum, see if that helps. Also try messing with the Input control

You can also make copy of the plugin and turn down the main sliders and just see whether it is triggered if they exceed a certain level. If this is true you may have to run them at a lower level, but you may be able chain two instances.

If that starts sounding a bit too odd try messing with the crossovers and make sure both plugins don’t crossover in the same place.