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I really would like a complete simulator/emulator of the most important Pro Mic. I remember that years ago there was one but I think that is no more produced.
Also a parametric multiband mastering Eq also. Thanks

Waves has a lot of good EQ options. The most well known is probably Q10, and that might be just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have a real-time audio display, though. It has up to 10 bands of EQ.

Waves H-EQ is a really good one. It does have a realtime audio display. This one has 5 bands plus LP/HP filters. Each band can be adjusted based on various digital or analog style EQs, which gets interesting in terms of how you can shape the bell curve.

My personal favorite is Waves F6. It has 6 bands of EQ plus LP/HP filter… And it’s marketed as a dynamic EQ. In fact, it’s an exceptionally good dynamic EQ. Its UI is, to me, more easy to understand in terms of setting the threshold and gain than any other plugin. It’s also my go-to de-esser. Because it has realtime audio display it’s real easy to target a nasty resonance to tame with the dynamic eq.

Most of the time I just use F6 as a regular EQ, though. For whatever reason it’s just very fast and easy to set… But it’s nice to make a band dynamic when it’s needed.

Finally, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for but it’s at least worth mentioning: AR TG Mastering Chain. It’s not as versatile as the other EQs, as far as surgical EQ goes… But it’s my favorite “mix finisher” and has enough bands to do whatever I need for mix bus EQ.

As far as the “Pro Mic Emulator” – I’m not familiar with anything like that by Waves… But you can use two stages of Q10 to get in the ballpark of simularity to another mic.

For the first stage, create an EQ preset that is the exact inversion of your microphone’s frequency response. Save it.

For the second stage, create an EQ preset that matches whatever mic you wish to emulate. Save it.

Now you can stack these together and it will bring the tonal balance of your mic to be at least within the ballpark of another mic. (Ideally your source mic will be a large diaphragm condensor mic that captures as wide of frequencies as possible.)

Hi Sam, thanks for your reply

When I talk about Parametric Multiband EQ I talk about VST EQ with different and most common interface (for me) and a different workflow in order to use ears and not graphic to correct a sound during a mix; I mean for example models like the Amek Eq200 by Brianworx or Emi’s TG12345 (I have AR TG Mastering chain but I use that only for ultiimate very little corrections-

For mics simulator I think to Antares Mic Mode EFX the oldest one but these by UAD, Antelope Audio, Slate Digital and IK Multimedia also: I’m a composer and I don’t know (nor interested) the spectral response of pro mics like Neumann, Akg etc but I should like to have the possibility to remic my records with (for example) a virtual U87.


Thanks for the clarification of what you’re looking for. Okay so… AMEK EQ200 has 5 bands plus LP/HP. I don’t think you’re going to get an exact mirror of that in a Waves product.

Waves V-EQ4 is a great EQ, modeled after a Neve 1081 I think… It has HP/LP + 4 bands of EQ which is one less band than you have in EQ200. (And you’d have to get used to the stacked knobs, which is admittedly a little awkward.)

There’s RS56 which is an excellent EQ, a passive EQ – and sounds great, but it’s not going to have as many channels as you are looking for, just 3, I think, and no HP/LP.

There’s Waves GEQ and it has a ton of bands, but it’s not parametric…

Oh! There’s Waves SSL G-EQ — it still has one fewer band than EQ200, but it’s one to consider if you like an SSL style EQ…

But no, Waves doesn’t have an exact mirror of that specific product. That one also has the “TMT” which Waves won’t.

I mean, technically, if you loaded Waves Q7 that would give you the equivalent number of bands as EW200 — but to your point, it’s a graphic style EQ, not a hardware style.

The latter part is hard to understand - you said you “aren’t interested in the spectral response of pro mics like Neumann” but then went on to wanting to remic your recordings like a U87, which is a Neumann.

Inverting your mic’s tonal balance and then applying the tonal balance of the microphone you want to sound like is exactly what Antares Mic Modeler did… Although they had additional controls for with-and-without mic shield, proximity, etc.

Yeah, there’s no specific product like that by Waves… There’s “The King’s Microphones” which emulates the response of several microphones used by various British royalty, but that’s it.

They just don’t offer the specifics of what you’re looking for.

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Yeah I think I know what you’re after, something like IK’s Mic Room… but “Wavified” :upside_down_face:


It’s not a bad suggestion. It certainly won’t be fool proof, but theymight be able to find ways to improve on the concept. Although, they could do what Slate and Townsend Labs did and built a mic around the whole concept itself. It’s more pricey, but it gets you alot closer, especially the Townsend Labs effort.

Correct Simon,

sorry but English is not my Language.


Totally cool man. There are those that would argue that English isn’t my language either!! Haha!! :rofl::upside_down_face:

Mastering your native language is hard enough, a second one can be a trickier thing to master. And even if you did you always end up speaking to someone who speaks an entirely different language from the ones you know.

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philosophically flawless Simon



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