Waves Tune Timeline issue with Ableton Live 10


I’m trying the demo version of Waves Tune prior to buying it and I have noticed an issue with Ableton Live 10: when I try to click on the plugin’s timeline to set the starting point to playback, Ableton doesn’t recognise it and starts playing from wherever the playback point was on Ableton’s timeline.

I have seen youtube videos where this doesn’t happen in other DAWs. Once you click inside the plugin’s timeline, the DAW plays back from that point.

Is this a known bug of Waves Tune in Ableton? It is so annoying I am considering not buying Waves and switching to Melodyne instead, just because of this issue.


Hi @alainpg and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

The function, which allows Waves Tune’s timeline to follow that of the DAW is called ReWire.
Is it possible that you are running the plugins on Ableton 11? Because ReWire is unfortunately not supported on that version of Ableton Live, as mentioned in the Tech Specs of the plugin.


I’m using Live 10. Wave’s timeline follows the one in Ableton, but when stopping the playback, placing the time bar at one point in Waves, and then clicking play, it starts playing from the previous point where it was in Ableton’s timeline.

So basically: I hear something out of tune when the track is playing, I stop the playback, I click on Waves where I have “seen” the out of tune part, I click play… and it starts playing from somewhere else.


Hi @alainpg ,

Seems like this issue will require further investigation.
Feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugins.

It turns out it had to to with the way I was “clicking play” on Ableton. I was doing it by pressing the space bar, but if one presses SHIFT+SPACE instead, it plays from where the time bar is, and not from where the insert marker is within Ableton.
This video on YouTube explains it: “Learn Live 10: Transport bar and Follow behavior” (I can’t insert links but I guess it is enough with the title).

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