Ableton 11 and Rewire Link

Hi, I bought the Waves Tune plugin. When I open the plugin in Ableton 11 I get the message “Rewire Link can not be established; please check your settings”. The help pages here, do not contain a solution for Ableton 11. Can someone help me please. Thank you verry much :slight_smile: Gabriela

Hi Gabriela, Welcome to the Waves Forum :sunglasses:,

Please note that Ableton 11 does not support Rewire as mentioned on the product page Tech Specs -

  • Ableton Live 11 (VST3)
    Arrangement view only. Clip view not supported.
    No ReWire Support in Live 11

The Waves Tune plug-in will work exactly the same with or without the Rewire component.
*The Rewire component lets you sync the DAW timeline to the Waves Tune timeline.

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