Ableton 11 and Rewire Link

Hi, I bought the Waves Tune plugin. When I open the plugin in Ableton 11 I get the message “Rewire Link can not be established; please check your settings”. The help pages here, do not contain a solution for Ableton 11. Can someone help me please. Thank you verry much :slight_smile: Gabriela

Hi Gabriela, Welcome to the Waves Forum :sunglasses:,

Please note that Ableton 11 does not support Rewire as mentioned on the product page Tech Specs -

  • Ableton Live 11 (VST3)
    Arrangement view only. Clip view not supported.
    No ReWire Support in Live 11

The Waves Tune plug-in will work exactly the same with or without the Rewire component.
*The Rewire component lets you sync the DAW timeline to the Waves Tune timeline.

How can Waves Tune be used without syncing with the DAW timeline? It seems practically unusable in Ableton 11 without this functionality, since it doesn’t play back the right audio at the right time. Am I misunderstanding something?