Waves tune ruler flashes

Hi everyone,
I installed waves tune v11 plugin on Logic 10.14.8 but it seems unstable. The horizontal gray bar ruler flashes appearing and disappearing. The green and red vertical lines also appear and disappear continuously. How can I stop this intermittent graphics?

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Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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Hi @paolo.olsh Thanks for joining our forum :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, there could be a few reasons that may cause this issue

  1. The number of screens are connected
  2. The resolution and color bit depth
  3. The types of connectors are used to connect the screens? (HDMI/USB/Etc)
  4. Software installation issue
  5. Issues related to specific DAW session

Please contact Waves tech support.
It would be very appreciated if you will post the solution here afterward

Thanks for the reply,
I use a 21.5-inch imac. I also have other plugins installed but I only encounter this problem in waves tune. The problem is only in one area of the plugin window.
I will definitely add the answer.

As it is difficult to describe I uploaded a video, just type on youtube “Waves tune flashes 1759DKGR”