🎧 CLA’s studio is now YOUR studio!

Limited-Time Intro Offer Inside - CLA’s studio is now YOUR studio

Create better mixes

with Chris Lord-Alge’s studio in your headphones

CLA Nx brings Chris Lord-Alge’s private Mix LA studio control room to your favorite studio headphones. Now you can check your mixes with confidence on a reference system you can trust, and create better mixes that translate reliably to all systems: Learn more >>

[Get a private tour with Chris Lord-Alge]

Get a private tour with Chris Lord-Alge

With CLA Nx you can monitor how I monitor, hear your mixes on headphones like you’re in my control room. It’s accurate – you can count on what you’re hearing, and that’s so important to mixing.

Chris Lord-Alge

Grammy-winning Mix Engineer

(Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse)
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Yay! I was wondering what Waves would release next. I enjoy the NX series of plugins, and I always appreciate the Intro Pricing you guys do… Demoing it now.

For anyone else trying this, be sure to turn on your WEBCAM and use the headtracking. It’s not a “gimmick” – the changes you get with minor head movements reduces ear fatigue with long headphone sessions. It’s an incredible innovation that no other tool offers.

I have all the NX plugins. I think it’s the “Boombox” setting that pushes this over the edge to “I have to buy this” — it reminds me somewhat of mixing through Avantone Mixcubes, so the same thing is going to apply:

If you compose a song and get your rough mix sounding good on the “boombox” setting, it’ll probably sound great once you expand to the wider-frequency speakers.

And finally that incredible rack of gear is beatiful, I love the room view.

OMG – I just noticed this plugin has 4K art when set to 200%! It’s beautiful.

Okay guys, I’m sold. Congratulations on the release!

Yeah I think the Bluetooth Tracker makes it even more powerful. Your head has more freedom of movement and its great if you like working in low-light situations. Face it, most of us are all nosferatu here too, darkness is our friend. :upside_down_face:

On the plus side, mirrors are also less offensive in the dark.

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I have the Tracker. It is INCREDIBLE. But I run into issues with getting it to sync up, and it tends to require re-connection every time I change to a different song.

It also tends to disconnect after some number of minutes if I set my headphones down. I’ve tried disabling all possible sleep settings in my power settings, but it still happens. So what it turns into is lost minutes trying to get the connection to work. If it wasn’t for that I’d recommend it to everyone!!!

The webcam seems to “always work” though, so that’s what I use even though the frame rate isn’t as good and it’s not quite as immersive.

Update after using CLA NX for a few days… I love it. I’m using the webcam and it seems like they’ve updated the head-tracking code? It seems like I never have to recalibrate.

I’ve done some comparisons where I tried NX, Abbey Road Studio, and Ocean Way NX all back to back next to CLA NX.

They’re all good, but CLA NX is my favorite of the bunch, with Ocean Way coming in at a close second. The NX series keeps getting better!

Yeah, I have the impression the tracker automatically switches off whenever no movement is detected after a few minutes to conserve battery. It makes sense, you just have to remember to switch it back on.

I wonder if your other connection issues are in relation to interference or other Bluetooth “traffic. That does seem to happen from time to time I believe. For me it interferes with either my mouse or keyboard, I forget which, possibly both. Unless it’s the Mac’s hardware that is at fault here?!?

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