Trying to match a specific "Tribal" drum sound

One of my favorite artists is the amazing Ian Post. One of his many signature sounds is a variety of low (“tribal” ?) drum hits. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to achieve the incredible sounds of these low hits: I’ve tried Surdos, Damage kits, 808’s etc, but really haven’t found anything “in the box” that I truly feel matches the quality of these sounds.

New users are not allowed to post links so I suggest going to Spotify and Search for Artist: Ian Post, Album “New Land” which has plenty of examples of this captivating sound. Or, contact me and I will send you the link by email.

I have stacked some drums , done compression and filtering, but can’t seem to get near the magic of how these low drums sound cut through the mix and yet sound so warm, full, and evocative.

It’s not hard to put a low hand drum in a track but it is hard (for me) to get t something like this sound.
Can anyone advise me how to get closer to these remarkable ambient low drum hits? Link follows:

Also, if there are any engineers out there who have experience in this genre, please get in touch!