Studio Rack Preset not loading Doubler2

I’ll will try to make as much sense of this as I can since I’m not good at explaining things well and my English kind of sucks. I have a Studio Rack preset that uses the Doubler2 plugin. However whenever I try to load the preset, Doubler2 doesn’t load. Error message “Doubler2 or its license are not available. Plugin-in Failed to load” appears when I click the down arrow where Doubler2 is. I go to the plugin list tab. It only loads the following categories; Dynamics, EQ, Delay, Pitch Shift, Harmonics & Other. Doubler2 is not in those categories. Is there a way to fix this? I own doubler2 and can load it fine on my DAWs default plugin rack. I’m using FL Studio 20.6. Thanks in advance

Hi there @salvatorecrouch.

It sounds like you have doubler installed as V11.
StudioRack does not support V11 pluigins as of yet and this is probobly the reason it’s not working for you.

Check out this article to roll back to V10 for it to work.