Streamdeck for LV1

I’m trying to get a streamdeck to control user keys. But the LV1 will not “listen” to the streamdeck.
I’ve programmed the keys to F1-F16. Everything works fine when using the F-keys on my regular keyboard. But nothing happens when pressing the keys on the streamdeck.
It works fine with any other application, but not LV1.

Any ideas? What have I missed?

I had this issue pop up last weekend. The streamdeck worked fine the night before and all of a sudden LV1 wouldn’t respond. The streamdeck software was registering key strokes. I use loopmidi and it was seeing midi output. After verifying that the ports were correct in the mackie control section of LV1, I deleted it and re added it to find the same issue. Rebooted the axis one and power cycled everything but had the same issue. I needed to move on so I programmed my vocal fix mute group to a key on the FIT controller and continued on.

I had forgotten about it until I saw this post. Maybe I’ll try and troubleshoot it further when I have some time this week.

Strange. I’m not even using midi, just want the F-keys to trigger the user keys, but no luck.
This should be the easiest thing in the world, feels like I’m missing something simple/dumb.