ALL Waves MIXER(s) - ADD Hot-Keys

– On the emotion ST mixer, LV1 eMotion Mixer, and SuperRack, I wish you would start including keyboard hot-key support. YES, ALT-key, CRTL-key, CRTL-ALT-key type assignable.
– I’m a Severely Disabled Veteran. Hot-keys makes thing easier on me to operate. Presently, what I’m saying here is, that your products are NOT disability FRIENDLY. I’m visually and hearing impaired. I’ve been working on regaining my voice the past few years, with good success.

PLEASE consider adding this feature to your MIXERS (eMotiion ST, LV1, SuperRack). I know I’m not the only one here that could take full use of such an added feature. I’ll BETA a version of it if you need a tester. I’ll take time out of my busy schedule to help include this feature.

William R. Pelfrey - 40 PLUS years as a Professional Engineer (PE)
DRSES[dot]COM - Digital Recording Studio Engineering Services


Have you looked into getting A Streamdeck? This is what I use to have hotkeys for all kinds of things in Superrack. Think this would be perfect for you.


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