Spectral analyzer based on the RTA of F6 for comparison of overlaid dynamic and static spectrograms

I use F6 extensively and find its RTA to be an indispensable supplement. I often need to compare two or more spectrograms (both dynamically and statically) and when I do I keep coming back to the thought: wish F6 had this feature – the ability to make multiple snapshots of spectrograms and overlay them (both dynamically and statically) to see the difference.

Is this doable?

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By the way, I’ve searched the catalog of Waves products and couldn’t find any plug-in with this feature. If I’ve missed it, let me know.

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F6 is one of the best dynamic EQs on the market. The UI is so much easier to understand than most other dynamic EQs.

It would be awesome if Waves did an “EV2” version of F6. A second generation, with a high-res interface and scalable RTA window… And the ability to compare would be useful.

I use Voxengo SPAN Plus for comparing spectrums on top of each other. Hornet also has a tool for that, but I think SPAN is the most versatile and clear.

Waves has PAZ Analyzer but it’s REALLY old and can’t compare spectrums… This is a plugin category that Waves should really refresh, but I don’t know if they will since there’s already so much competition in that space. (FabFilter, etc.)

I do love the RTA though… They really need to update Q10 with RTA as well.

And all these plugins really need to be updated to HiDPI. I was hoping for more HiDPI updates in the last Waves version but we only got a few, and one of them wasn’t even complete (they left a few knobs pixelated in the Scheps Omni Channel Update.) I’ll probably hold off on WUP until they have a significant number of plugins updated to HiDPI.

It feels like more and more people are moving to 4K now, so I imagine more HiDPI updates will be coming soon. I do love the beautiful new HiDPI Waves plugins. They look great.

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