Server Over Heating Symptoms?

This past weekend we were doing a show outside of Tulsa. The ambient Temp was 100f + and mid 90’s at show time. Toasty to say the least.

During the show patches started disappearing on a lead vocal channel and an instrument channel… We would re-patch attempt to re-patch but DAW would not hold the patch (blue dot). jumped to an unused channel to fix. Board Channel 31 … one to one patch on DSPro4000A then to Channel 48 on DSPro4000B fixed that issue.

We lost control of two monitors that went to extreme max volume and could not control other than unplugging the monitors. Faders would not reduce volume and muting the monitors sends would not shut them off. Soft patch reset on output channels was a momentary fix (like 2 minutes) Changing hard patches on outputs did not solve issues. Bass player and guitar player were not happy.

Server was running in the mid 150s f and yes there is plenty of ventilation around the unit. I spoke with tech support and they questioned cables, connectors, etc. Same flow chart and cables we run each show. Rehearsal the day before was fine. The board self muted once during sound check and a restart was require to fix. Mute buttons would not respond.

On one Screen the Server was red and the other screen the server was red. Load on was at 67%.
There were no errors. I have been asked to recreate conditions and run audio for several hours. That is a little hard to do.

FOH was an Advantis and it had a couple minor glitches as well.

I will be testing the system tomorrow to see if the issues are resoved.

2 DSPro 4000s off a copper split. 44 channels in with 24 outputs to stage.

I did not update to V15 yet. Still V14’s latest update.

No Errors Reorted

My questions are:

Are these symptoms of heat? OR a failing server!

Would a second server correct or reduce the chances e this problem in the future

Is this a server issue or an Axis issue? Or a combined issue?

Could it be the stage boxes reacting to the heat?

I know it is a lot of variable here. Input from local tech that uses wave was server on way out, cable got pinched possible during set up, heat and then we both said dang demons!

My artist were/are Elefante, Ligertwood, Cafferty, Edwards, Burnette & Bramlette, and Chalfant. Grammy’s,Emmy’s and Number 1 songs. Fortunately, the pro’s that they are, thanked me for getting us through the show. Our next show is in two and a half weeks. I will need some answers for my bosses as to what happened and a plan to resolve this issue so it doesn’t happen again.

Any input or thoughts are appreciated.

This is our traveling monitor rig: Emotions LV1, Axis & Extreme C, Fit Controller and proper switches.

(Photo for reference of rehearsal)

Not sure if this is of much help:

150 degrees f is around 65 degress celsius (if i am not mistaken), and i think i remember my IOS-XL being around this sometimes. Though if it is shown red in the inventory then something is already detected as too much. To me your report sounds completely like a heat issue.

It also could have been that other components (Axis, Stagebox etc) or maybe just sub-components of them were already a bit hotter. Successfully using different channels (inputs of the DSPro?) sounds to me like this. And it also does not sound like a pure server issue. More like a board or a component in the DSPro going mad/hot.

When i experienced a server overload once (well i assume it was only the server) this caused a short crack and then a full dropout for some 100ms and a red number in lost packets (connection of server to stagebox or vice versa). Also server was shown red for a short moment. But not just single channels failing. And also FIT and LV1 were responding normally. This was with a certain v14 server software (fixed with v14.26.104.721).

Good luck in testing.

Hi @chrisstutzcustomphoto,

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Thank you for your report I see you have already contacted Tech Support, they will investigate this and get back to you to provide all related information to your concerns.