[REQ] OneKnob Pumper > Midi trigger

i want to trigger the gate effect with a midi note whenever i want.

hi again, i still think the general sound of the plugin is awesome but it dont understand why its not possible to trigger it by a note. is there a workaround?

Hi @mflux

Welcome to Waves Forum,

As mentioned in the One Knob Pumper user guide:

OneKnob Pumper is a gain reduction processor modulated by an internal LFO. Its main
function is to create the “pumping” effect that is usually achieved by feeding a bass drum
into the sidechain of a mix bus or an individual channel’s compressor. By using a
synchronized automatic triggering mechanism (the LFO), OneKnob Pumper saves you
the need to manually route the bass drum into the compressor sidechain. This makes
OneKnob Pumper a more immediate and user-friendly solution.

If you are willing to trigger a gate effect, we have other plugins with such capability,
C1 Compressor - (Gate)
eMo D5 Dynamics
Renaissance Channel

*These are triggered by a regular Side-chain routing, and not by Midi trigger.