Questions regarding SoundGrid Certification

I noticed recently there has been an email floating around concerning SoundGrid Training Courses. I have a few questions I’d like to ask…

How much does it cost??
How much commitment is required and what is the length of the training??
What is actually involved in the training??
Are we required to have a Soundgrid Server??

…and are you giving out free samples??

Okay, well maybe not the last one. That’s probably more wishful thinking :upside_down_face:

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Hi. I did this a year or so ago, and it¨s a free course that doesn’t take long to complete.
It involves watching a few videos and read some about Soundgrid.
You’re (I don’t have) not required to have/use a Soundgrid Server of any kind.
All the best.

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There are local 201 courses that are held in different locations from time to time - next one is Nashville!

We’ll keep you guys posted here about them as they are announced :sunny:


Melbourne, Australia would be good.

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