Question about StudioRack Parallel Split


In all the videos I’ve watched about configuring a parallel split an empty slot is created for the original signal and then the fx processing in separate slots.
I understand that. But I’m wondering why there is no mention of this in the user manual?

When observing the signal flow paths for a parallel split in the manual the original signal is already passing through to the main outputs. So I’m confused why an empty slot needs to be created.
According to the signal path diagram it seems I could still process parallel along side the main path without creating an empty slot?

I understand previous processing may exist before the parallel split. So is the parallel split ignoring this by passing a Dry signal for separate parallel processing before being mixed back in? Or does it include the previous processing that is already passing through the main path?

What am I not understanding about the empty slot method? I didn’t see any special notes about it in the user manual.


After doing a test I now see that without creating the blank slot the main signal does not pass through the main chainer when muting the fx rack.
In other words, if I only created one slot and put a delay on it and bypass or bring the delay fader all the way down there is no sound from the original signal. So it really is splitting and returning rather than passing simultaneously through the main chain.

Anyhow, they should provide a note in the manual that the blank slot needs to be created for the original signal to pass unaffected by the fx fader volume.
If I didn’t see the video I would not have known this.
Glad I saw this instruction in the videos though. Thanks

I had to conduct my own experiments to figure this out too. You’re right, there should be some mention of it in the manual.

Thanks for the confirmation Simon!

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@take77, @simon.a.billington Thank you for the feedback guys will make sure it is passed to the relevant personnel.


And Thank You for the response Adi!

I know more people are watching videos than reading manuals these days too. :wink:


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