Plugin to adjust for hearing impairment/loss

Everyone’s hearing is different. Over time we lose sensitivity to certain frequencies. My current job has us take hearing tests every year to see how our hearing has changed and to provide us with the tools to keep it from getting worse from exposure to noise. If you have poor hearing in certain frequencies, then those frequencies will be lacking in our mixes/masters. However, if you have a plugin that could test an individual’s hearing and then boost those deficient frequencies for the user then, if there hearing is not too bad yet, they may improve their mixes and masters and make them sound more on par with someone with good hearing. Some people may not even realize they are deficient in certain frequencies and this type of a plugin tool could be beneficial for making their music better and more comparable to professional quality. Sometimes we play our music for others and they say it doesn’t sound right and maybe that’s because they hear something we don’t. And vice verse. Just a thought.

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This sounds interesting. It might take some time to setup, but this idea could work. Providing the person is capable of hearing at those frequencies in the first place.

True, it would not be for people with major hearing loss issues. I think there would be a secondary test, after the frequency adjustment, to verify that the person is hearing a difference between the original and adjusted mixes. If nothing else the test could pinpoint problem frequencies that they should be aware of when mixing. Possibly give suggested levels to boost in particular frequencies. It would all have to be created and tested to see if it works, but conceptually it could be of value to many with minor hearing loss in particular frequencies to help level the playing field with those who have better hearing. It would be geared to helping improve their mix quality sonically.

Throw in a bit of machine learning this shows the promise of a really good idea that opens up accessibility for more people.

Try running your idea past support.

Even a great idea can take a long time to come intro fruition however.

Did anything ever come of this? I have been trying to work out a means to accomplish the same using a tone generator and filters… direction to any other references would be appreciated! Us old half deaf audio people have to stick together! Thanks!

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Good question.

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