Ovox for Vocal Layering

Hey, since I saw Ovox was a harmonizer, I guess I was assuming it could work for vocal layering as well. I changed the synth to “Track” and the source to MIDI, but now it only plays the original dry signal when the midi is On – no harmonies or anything. Is there a way to achieve what I want here? Or is Ovox the wrong tool for that?
I’m thinking of similar features in melodyne 5 or Nectar 3.

I’m not so sure its possible. Though I do remember there being a doubler preset or two in Ovox, maybe you can find your answers by examining those.

Hi @liukaichi welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Voice Mix knob (original source) is the only one playing.

Make sure to adjust it with the OVOX Mix knob (process sound) and Synth Mix knob (MIDI notes) as well, to find the proper balance you’re looking for.

To only hear the OVox process lower both the Voice and Synth as low as possible.

Prior to all of the above, make sure to configure OVox with MIDI in your DAW according to the instructions in this link.

Let us know if that did the trick :slight_smile:


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