New Plugin! Key Detector

Use The Power of AI to Find Your Song’s Key
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NEW Plugin! Key Detector
Key Detector is a time-saving tool for all music makers. Replace manual work with AI-powered key detection, for any track, sample, or full mix.

Using Waves’ Neural Networks engine, Key Detector will provide you with a root note, a scale (major or minor), and two likely alternatives.

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Enhance Your Vocal Production Workflow
NEW Plugin! Key Detector
Key Detector is the perfect companion to Waves’ vocal tuning & harmonizing plugins: Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Tune, OVox, and Waves Harmony. Just click the “Transmit” button, and the detected key will be sent to all active instances of these plugins.


Detecting the key can certainly be a useful thing… I’d love it more if it could identify scales and chord progressions because that way it would account for key modulations and chords borrowed from another scale.


@simon.a.billington Exactly. As it currently stands, it’s not really that valuable to me. Sure, it can adjust the key of all the plugins but I still have to make other adjustments. If you want to make this better than an answer to Antares’ “Auto-Key,” Key Detector needs to adjust in real-time as keys/scales change. THEN I would purchase it.

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Would this detect the key of a MIDI file if the MIDI tracks are assigned to a virtual instrument, each track is sent to the master bus, and the plugin is placed on the master bus?.

Hi @dalemccl,

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The key Detector should identify the key and scale of any audio content.
So it is best to insert it on a track that best represents the tuning of the song.

I would advise avoiding placing Key Detector on the master buss, since there may be out-of-tune elements in the mix that can result in an inaccurate key detection.

I should imagine so as one the midi goes through an instrument it becomes audio. In fact, depending on the midi info you might get a cleaner translation from Key Detector as opposed to running a fully mixed song through it.

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