Making LV1 fill my Dell Touchscreen when maximised

Hi all. Loving my new LV1 but am still wondering if I am missing something. I have 2 Dell P2418HT touchscreens with 1920x1080 resolution. When maximised I have black bars of unused screen real estate either side of my LV1 window. Is there anyway yet to make LV1 fill the whole screen or is this a legacy aspect ratio issue? All the photos on the waves website show LV1 filling the screen. Am I being dumb? Thanks.

BTW: I have tried all the resolution and full screen instructions found on here and the waves support site. Surprised there isn’t more on this - therefore wondering what I’m missing.

So I finally got some information from a closed Facebook group. Use the Intel HD Display App, set the touchscreens to 1280x720 then choose stretch. Now my LV1 fills all of the screens.

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