Mac Pro Bluetooth for NX?

I have an older Mac Pro (the big old monster) running High Sierra 10.13.6

The site here recommended using the IOGear GBU521 USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter to provide the necessary 4.0 connection for the NX head tracker -

I have purchased the GBU521 but there is no sign of the Mac recognizing the new receiver or of NX being able to find the tracker. Nothing shows up in the Mac Bluetooth panel - tracker or the new device.

Would I need to disable/disconnect/remove the factory Bluetooth from inside the Mac to allow the machine to see the new unit?

I’m OK with doing that but its a bit of work with where they placed it in these machines and I would love to hear that someone else has already tried this successfully first -

I have tried it both on the machine’s native USB ports and on a USB 3 port supported from a high end USB 3 card - no apparent difference.


If NOT - ok… I’ll be the “volunteer” and try it but

Hi @mark.d.volle! Welcome to the Forum!

Apple support native BLE only, using external BT dongles is not officially supported by Apple or Waves, but in most cases it will work fine.
There are some actions you can take if it does not work. Although we cannot guarantee it will work - please contact Tech Support for assistance with this.