Connecting Mobius to NX

Hi Folks,

I recently bought a pair of Audeze Mobius headphones specifically to use NX tracking for ambisonic mixing. I’m unable to pair to enable the bluetooth tracker in NX headtracker. I’m able to pair 2 channels of audio with BT or 8 channels using usb with a daw both mac and pc so the headphones are working as they should and connecting correctly. I’ve updated firmware (running latest 102).
I’m testing out the demo of Waves Virtual Mix room, before I purchase it, but no luck connecting the headphone tracker to bluetooth. Is tracking possible over usb? The camera tracker feature works ok, but I cannot get the bluetooth tracker section of WavesHeadTracker to list any bluetooth devices. My headset is paired via bluetooth, I’ve selected refresh device list but nothing is ever listed. I have the same experience both on Windows and Mac. I’ve tried it using 3D auto, 8channel, steroe, a mix of bluetooth and usb. I’ve spent 5+ hrs trying various combinations. What could I be doing wrong? Anything else I can try? thanks!

Well, since there’s no other information on the website, I thought I’d follow up for the sake of others wanting to mix ambisonic content. I talked to tech support about this issue and the Mobius Headphones DO NOT connect to the Waves Virtual Room via bluetooth even though it’s advertised as such. There is a little yellow note that states it’s best to use face tracking (which fails as soon as you rotate your head more than 45 degrees and eyes are out of view) or use the 3d effect, which is useless for mixing. But the main 3 paragraphs tell you that how amazing the head-tracking is so it’s completely misleading. What a waste of $450.