LV1 Midi Tempo Sync Problem - Any Midi experts out there?

Hi all,

We use backing tracks with our live band and run through the Waves LV1 mixer. We trigger scene changes and other equipment to switch presets using sequenced midi commands from our uTrack24 player. Everything works great except that LV1 has an issue with syncing to external midi tempo. It’s always + / - 4-5 BPM off. This is a major problem when using effects like delay which need to be in sync.

I’ve raised the issue with Waves who have said they will look into it, but nothing has happened for a while and the issue still persists.

I have a FIT controller connected to LV1 which of course has a Tap Tempo button. This is fine, but it would be better to send Tap Tempo messages from our Backing tracks midi control file in order to keep LV1 in sync. Manual tap always eventually goes out of sync.

I’m not much of a midi expert apart from the normal stuff. When I monitor the midi out port of the FIT, on tap tempo it sends the following:

On button Press:
90 58 7F

and off:
90 58 00

Does anyone know how I could enter these commands into Logic so it plays them back in time with the song, effectively sending tap tempo instructions to LV1 to keep it in sync?

I have tried sending these commands as Sysex from logic (using event editor) to LV1 but LV1 doesn’t respond:

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 14.53.58

Would be great to get this working.

Thanks all,

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