LV1 - I/O Local reverts to 32 Driver Channels

When starting LV1, the host device (I/O device for the computer host) always reverts to 32 ‘Driver Channels’ instead of the saved 64. The Session and Template have been saved, but have no effect when starting LV1. All other setting appear to restore correctly.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a fix/work-around?

Hi @555AllTheTime,

This is a known issue which is reported.
We are working on a fix, however, I don’t have an ETA at the moment.

Note that resetting the Driver to the needed channel count should fix the issue, while keeping the original patch, to and from the Driver.



Yes, the work-around I’m using is to set the number of channels immediately after starting LV1. The patches are retained.
I’ll test after the next LV1 update comes out.