Live Drum Triggering

I’m a touring audio engineer and my artist is requesting that we layer up a sample with their snare as it’s a signature part of the new album.

I use multirack with them and would love something (similar to slate trigger 2) that can do this!

A few of my colleagues agree this would be a game changer; anyone else?


I have suggested a similar tool myself in the past. I also suggested that they could also include Smack Attack as part of its feature sets.

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+1 on this. We use steven slate trigger for broadcast but live with LV1 it has to be done with an external DAW inserted. The thing is I think for LV1 the samples would have to reside in the server. I don’t think anything in the computer running LV1 is in the audio path.

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I’ve had to resort to using a Roland SPDX with contact triggers…

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