Licence on old PC

Hey Guys, so this is just a quick question. What would happen If I for example loose my pc with all my Licences on there? Could I move the Licence back into the cloud from another pc? Or how would that work?

Call tech support. You can’t move them back to the cloud, except from the machine they are installed on. Popular method is to put the licences on a USB drive. But…if you loose that, you are in the same boat.

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Hi @jonathan.reimer01,

You can recover your licenses without having access to the USB or computer they are activated on.
This option is available once a year per license.
Learn how to recover your licenses in this article

Please note: Each product license can be recovered only once per year. If you later find or retrieve a device for which a license has been recovered, connect it to your computer and log into Waves Central: The license recovery period (1 year) will then automatically reset.

In the event a replaced license is found, transfer of ownership or sale of the found license is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in the revocation of license recovery privileges for the associated account.