How would you set this L1 ultramaximizer?

Hi. I have the L1 Ultramaximizer. I have a simple mix. One piano track only. Recorded in MIDI, run through VST piano sample, then waves reverb, then Ultramaximizer.
I feel like I can hear the Ultramaximizer, not sure I am setting the release time right. Not wanting to use it as a compressor but rather just to boost volume to standard levels. Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi @H50wave20

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I suggest using the auto release, which varies the release based on current content. When Auto release is On, the release time is adjusted automatically within the range set by the Release setting. (it will make the signal sounds natural).

Regarding the compression, I must say that the purpose of the plugin is to use the threshold in order to compress the signal that reaches the ceiling and maximize the level.

If you don’t want to compress at all you can use the input\output gain of the plugin depending on the level of the signal (please note it’s not the real purpose of the plugin) that job can be done by any other gain plugin.

For more information please refer to the L1 Ultramaximizer user guide.

Hope the information helps.

Have a nice day.

Not wanting to “sell” you another product here as I don’t work for Waves, but perhaps MaxxVolume or MV2 would be more suited to this task and you could add a splash of L1 after that.

What these tools do is allow you to bring up the quite level of the audio as well as make the louder parts quieter so you get an overall more consistent level, better for listening to. Depending on how extreme your settings are they can be pretty transparent at how it do it too.

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