Haven’t seen this yet…

Many times people struggle to over compress things, causing the mix to lack depth and dimension. Pulling everything forward often is what people do, thinking, louder means better.

What if there was a plugin that people could use where they could visually see where everything in the mix is sitting in the mix? What if people could see a visual representation of the mid, side, and center mix to catch what is sitting where?

Native instruments has a software instrument called damage and it has an interesting interface that gives you a view of a stage and how far or close you want the sound to appear. How cool would it be if there was a plugin that did this for the entire mix & master.

We know that we do this with faders and panning. But for those who are visual, it would be incredible if we could visually see it and somehow pinpoint what is where and slightly adjust to our liking. Imagine I’m visually seeing that a background vocal is completely forward but I prefer it to be further back and I can take that track and adjust it right on the plugin. Then I know I can either adjust the fader, or maybe add more verb or anything that will pull it further back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, THE WAVES EYE CATCHER