Harddisc changed

Hello, I changed my hard disk. How can I transfer the licences to the new one. Waves Central the old one as disconnected with all the licences.


Ok, sorry, finally I found the way to do it.

But it can be done only once a year? If my harddisk breakes two times I can not recover the licences twice?

If a hard drive breaks the second time in a year and you need a recovery - contact tech support. If the licenses are covered by the update plan and the story checks out - the may be able to assist.

I had a similar issue a while back when my system drive went down permanently. The only thing you can do at that point is do a license rescue.

However, it’s unlikely the same problem will happen again within a year. Hard drives will usually outlast their warranty, depending on how much thrashing you give them.

If for some reason you do need a rescue, updating your WUP is really the only way forward as, while it’s valid you are entitled to many more rescues.

Of course the alternative to renewing your WUP is to upgrade your bundle. If you can find a bundle that has most or all of your plugins it may well be worthwhile perusing, especially at sales price. As it will also come with a year of WUP, plus you should be getting additional plugins for that price.