H-Delay Ping Pong Issue

I am currently using H-Delay version 12.0 on Ableton Live 10. The issue I am experiencing is with the Ping Pong delay feature. As soon as I enable the Ping Pong delay feature, the left channel is very noticeably a couple of decibels louder than the right channel. At first I believed it to be an issue with panning, but as soon as I disable Ping Pong the levels from both L/R even out. I have tried troubleshooting and did everything from messing with all the settings to testing it on multiple projects, types of audio, mono and stereo signals, and swapping the Stereo for the Mono>Stereo version of the plugin. I have checked all the meters throughout the troubleshooting process on both the plugin and the DAW and the Ping Pong delay causes the audio of each channel to bounce up and down (as it should), but the left channel is always higher than the right channel.
My workaround is to use the Utility Tool, place it after the delay, and pan right to compensate; but that can prove to be very tedious.

Its possible due to the fact that delays decay in level over time. So the first side to get the signal will receive it the loudest, before it starts decaying.

Although, there is a slight chance it might have something to do with what “pan laws” you have chosen for your DAW. I believe its the “compensated” laws that boost left and right by 3 to 6dB. But that should really affect both sides equally.

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It does not affect both sides equally. it makes me wonder if something is wrong with the algorithm and not user error. have you tried it yourself?

Yes, I use it all the time. Though, as I have said delays decay in nature. SO of course the first repeat to the first side will be louder, the second repeat will be softer and on the other side, the third repeat softer again. That’s just the nature of delays and ping-pong.

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