Forgive a daft question - Ns1 Plugin

Hi, ok dumb question, but what’s the correct method for using and saving your project with Ns1?

Say I have an opened a saved audio file in Reaper with unwanted noise.

Do I create another track and then record only on the new track whilst Ns1 slider is applied and then save the project?

Or can you apply Ns1 to your noisy track in settings, then hit save?



NS1 should save and restore correctly as part of your project. I’d avoid recording “through” it though, as it may incur extra latency making it hard to work with.

Processing noisy tracks is one thing, especially if that’s how you are receiving them. If noise is a persistent problem though, you should try troubleshooting it to help eliminate so it is less of an issue.


Can I check:

  1. I load the audio with noise I want to remove in my Daw

  2. I play the file and move the Ns1 slider to where I want it.

  3. I save the file, because the Ns1 is now applied?


The moment you’ve inserted NS1 and raised the fader the effect is applied to the signal. When you save the session, the settings on the NS1 will be saved as well. You can also export/bounce the audio file with the NS1 applied and create a processed audio file with NS1 in effect.


Ah. Excellent! That’s all I needed to know.


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