FL Studio 20 wont scan Retro Fi on vst list

I got Retro Fi 2 days ago I downloaded and activated it successfully but when I scan for it on my vst list it won’t show up all my other waves plugins do show up and work properly even the LOFI Space I got for free is working fine pls help.

same here, just got Retro Fi together with other V13 plugins in the current 2 + 2 offer and all the other wave plugins show up (V12 and V13) except for Retro Fi. Lofi space shows up as well in my case. Something could be wrong with Retro Fi and Waves should have a look. In my case i’m using Ableton 11.0 on Win 10 and the plugin is installed in the corresponding program files folder.

Sorted in Ableton: in the plug-ins menu hold ALT + RESCAN. The plugin is now recognized and working.

Hi there. I’m having the same problem in Reaper. What name did it finally show up as ? I’m wondering if maybe it’s sitting in my plugin list but i just don’t recognize the name. I’ve checked several times for the obvious “Retro Fi” and “RF” but nothing yet. Thanks.

Well this was a quick one. I just noticed that Reaper has a “Clear cache/re-scan” button and that solved it.

Hi @raulgsd Welcome to the Waves Forum :smiley:,

As mentioned by the awsome paul.adrian1384 and my2021waves, a rescan might solve this issue.

You can refer to the How to Find Your Plugins in FL Studio article as well.

In case further assistance is needed, feel free to contact our super Tech Support department.

Hi, on my list it appeared as Retro Fi near the end of the waves plugins list as you would expect since they are organized in aplhabetical order. Now there is something different with this particular plugin that gives people issues because it wasn’t fixed with a normal Rescan, i had to fiddle for hours which was kind of annoying and no other plugin from the 15-20 i have required any additional action. I just wish waves would recognize that the issue is actually somewhere on their side and try to solve it this way customers can be happy after purchasing it and not have to pull their hairs for hours. You see i did tech support for 17yrs in a large company and recognize when my colleagues didnt want to help cause i always had to pull ahead with their lazyness and help our customers (the reason why i gave up). I can totally tell there is something with this particular plugin that needs sorting on their side. C’mon Waves, it’s your move. May your techs be as active as your marketing team IS when they flood us with sales emails, we did our part. :wink:

Also make sure you’re running a compatible system, if you haven’t already.


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