eMotion LV1 - Global EMPTY PLUGIN template or preset

It would be really great to be able to open a clean setup with EMPTY Plugins removed from every channel.
Either a global factory preset that does every channel/group/monitor/etc at once, or a built-in preset for starting from scratch. Yes, I can (and have) made my own, but it would be great if that was a built-in option, globally, and not channel by channel, manually.
This is really helpful for minimizing wasted server resources having them on channels not in use.


This exists in V12 sessions folder.
I had already made my own by then though.

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Oh cool! Thanks Dan!
It’s actually in the “eMotion\templates” folder. I should have looked before I went and made it manually. I didnt even realize there was a templates folder. haha.
At least now I can use it on any new builds.

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