Bass guitar to Synth plugin

Are there any plugins that I can put on my Bass Guitar track, and then manipulate like a synthesizer ?

Ovox would be one. It desert necessarily have to be used for vocals. There’s even a small number of presets designed to work with bass inside the “Instruments” category.

Hi Simon. I just purchased Ovox and tried it out on my bass guitar track. I know the word awesome gets used a lot, but this plugin is “frickin awesome”. Thanks for your tip. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I just started trying some of the presets and there are lots of good starting points for me jump in and start tweaking some dials. Again, thank you so much for your recommendation. Mark Y. (Canada).

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Good to hear that it worked for you. There’s probably some vids on their site that might help you get into the finer details of things.

In case it’s helpful…

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