A Multi-Plugin for Orchestral Instruments

A plugin designed for Orchestra instruments. Push button controls for: Brass, Woodwinds, Sax, Tympani, Violin, Cello, Chimes, etc… Presets for Singles Instruments & Groups. Most of these instruments need to be mic’d, so controls to clean up, Overhead miking setting, (I’m thinking along the lines of JJP’s - ‘Strings & Keys’). More and more these instruments are being added to music productions.

WiLLi & the MusicMachine


Not a bad suggestion.

Have you checked out some videos made by Allan Meyerson, if you haven’t already. There’s a few useful tips you can pick up from him.

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Masterclass with Alan Meyerson

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A touch of Kramer Tape in delay mode, that was on of the great tips I picked up watching that vid!!

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I love that whole lotta slap Kramer Tape delay :slight_smile:

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