Yo, I'm selling my Ableton template which I've worked on for 5+ years

So as the title says, I’ve got a writing template I’ve been using for the last 5 years, it’s non-genre specific because it’s a writing template, designed to have everything you need to get started. Imagine being a painter and coming up to a canvas with all the paints you want already put out, just saves time and makes life easy.

I’ve recreated the template with all Ableton stock plugins so any Ableton user can use it, it’s chock-full of all my 128s, so around 1,600+ samples including as well as my main go to FX racks to get things moving quickly and easily.

I’ve put a video together show casing it, you can check it out from the link below.

tjlawton com/template-demo


TJ Lawton

Sorry man, Logic user here. I did check out the video, though. To be honest,I have a different workflow and different demand of what I need from my template, so it wouldn’t really have suited me anyway.

Perhaps others will be interested though. :thinking::wink: