Why is there a severe limitation of the SoundShifter Plugin with other DAW’s?

Developers, if you’re in the forum, please respond. I wanted to ask why there is such a severe limitation of the SoundShifter Plugin on other DAW’s since you cannot use 2 out of the 3 components like Parametric and Graphic as they’re exclusive to AudioSuite in Pro Tools Only. Which means all other users can only use SoundShifter Pitch on all other DAW’s only.

What’s the thought process behind that? Because I do realize that certain plugins will have limitations for a reason, but that kind of limitation is very steep.

Does it have to do with Avid’s AAX plugin format that counts on utilizing precise, accurate processing power and resources to output certain high quality processors offline by rendering each track selection? Or is it something else?

Thankfully I’m not impacted by this as I’m using Pro Tools, but I hope it’s possible theoretically in the future for there to be an update made to the plugin to allow SoundShifter Parametric and Graphic to be used on all other DAW’s that SoundShifter supports because it should be possible.

Hi @mak97

Same as with your suggestion with scaling the plugin’s GUI - point noted and will be forwarded to the relevant department here at Waves.

With that said, please add this feedback as well via the Other Contacts form on the bottom of this page and it will find its way to our development team.
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Thanks again! :slight_smile: