Waves Nx Germano Studios Virtual Mixing Room - review

Hey Guys
Wanted to share my overview of the new Nx Germano Studios but seems new members can’t post links…
Anyway cool new plugin and you can find that link in my profile…


This is UDI’s video link: Waves Nx Germano Studios Virtual Mixing Room - YouTube (It’s a favorable walkthrough of the new Nx Germano Studios plugin)

This is an interesting Nx release. The Germano Acoustics AEON 2 speaker sound (GA2) is a surprise to me. It sounds like there’s a rolloff below 100hz. Is that normal for these speakers? I suppose it gets the low frequencies out of the way so you can focus more easily on the mids.

The “Exigy” speakers have the full bass, but tighter and more refined than the Mains in CLA Nx which is almost ‘club sounding’ to my ears…

Like UDI says in the video, be sure to try the new Nx plugin with your webcam or tracker. I prefer the webcam for its ease of use.

That head movement is not a gimmick, it’s a critical component of Nx and goes a long way toward reducing headphone ear fatigue. The effect is very realistic as you turn your head.

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